Global Design Competition of Intelligent Life——Profile

Project Background

As one of China's 5G pilot cities, Tianjin has held three consecutive World Intelligence Congresses since 2017. It is embracing a new intelligent era with a more avant-garde concept and a more open mind, building new intelligent economy, creating a new intelligent life and accelerating the construction of an “Intelligent Tianjin Port".


The “Global Design Competition of Intelligent Life” was held in Jinghai, Tianjin, with the theme of “5G Intelligence • Drawing Smart Life”, aiming to provide 5G smart life application scenarios with the area of Tianjin Jinghai Intelligent Industrial Park residential apartment area land as the underlying assets. Integrating the concept of “green, sharing, interconnection and innovation” into the design, it aims to meet the needs of high-end innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the future, promote the deep integration of intelligent technology and life, build a platform for exchange, cooperation and win-win sharing in the field of intelligent life, build a world-renowned, national first-class model community of smart life, and make Jinghai, Tianjin an industrial demonstration zone in the field of international smart life.

Competition Theme

5G Intelligence • Drawing Smart Life

The Underlying Assets Profile

Ⅰ.Project Location

The planned competition area is located in the residential apartment area land planned in Tianjin Jinghai Intelligent Industrial Park City Planning, namely south of Weiwu Road in the Jinghai Development Zone, north of Weiba Road, west of Jingliu Road and east of Jingsi Road. The land area is 215.4 mu, the upper limit of the floor area ratio is 1.8, and the height limit is 60 m.

Global Design Competition of Intelligent Life

Ⅱ.Target Participants

The main target customers are the high-end employees in Jinghai Intelligent Industrial Park and other high-end talents and independent entrepreneurs.

Collection Profile

Ⅰ.Integrated Solution for Intelligent Community Collection Basis

The competition plan should closely focus on the national standards and evaluation systems for smart city design, smart community design and architectural design, implement China’s relevant current policies and local regulations, meet the relevant requirements for green residential demand, home environment and standardized operation design, and make overall design of the project to seek the best solution.

Ⅱ.Integrated Solution for Intelligent Community Design Concept

1. The competition will collect smart community solutions from a wide range of architectural design firms and smart community solution providers, encouraging multi-disciplinary innovative companies to jointly conduct cross-border combined R&D. The participating plans should focus on the overall planning requirements of the underlying assets, pay attention to the unity and coordination of the architectural planning and intelligent planning, and propose an integrated solution integrating “architectural design”, “intelligence design” and “operational mode design” for the smart community. The design plan needs to cover the overall planning, core group planning, single building planning and indoor planning for the underlying assets.

2. “People-orientation” is the starting point of value of this competition. How to make the house more “homelike” is the focus of future community construction. The design of the participating plan should fully consider the occupation, life and social needs of the target group and fully construct a new urban functional unit with sense of belonging, comfort and futurism.

3. The participating plan needs to fully consider the ease of use, easy identification and security of the smart community facilities, and it is encouraged for participants to use innovative concepts and advanced digital technologies for design. The plan must have good predictability, scalability, and iterability.

4. The competition emphasizes the possibility of implementation and operability of the participating plans. The participating plan needs to conduct an investment budgetary estimate, and the price/performance ratio will be one of the important contents of the program review.

5. The competition emphasizes the originality and independence of the participating plan. The participating plan must not infringe any intellectual property rights or other legal rights.