Global Design Competition of Intelligent Life——Review rules

Ⅰ.Qualification Review

  1. The registration period starts from November 18, 2019 and ends till December 18, 2019.
  2. The qualification review will be conducted in the middle of January. All qualified competitors will prepare the plans and be accepted to the final.
  3. The plans shall be submitted by the before 24:00 May 10, 2020.


The organizers will organize the finals review event in mid-to-late May 2020. The final scored is divided into two rounds. The first round will be reviewed by the Executive Review Committee and the second round will be reviewed by the Honorary Jury. Combining two rounds of expert opinion, the final score of the program will be obtained.

Ⅲ.Prizes and Rewards

Based on their scores in the final, the application documents will be granted the first, second and third prizes or the recognition award in the Competition. There will be 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and several recognition awards. The first prize winner will receive a reward of RMB3 million; the second prize winners will receive a reward of RMB1 million; and the third prize winners will receive a reward of RMB500,000. All the other competitors qualified for the final will receive the recognition award with a reward of RMB100,000 each.

Ranking Quantity Bonus
First Prize 1 RMB3 million
Second Prizes 2 RMB1 million
Third Prizes 3 RMB500,000
Recognition Awards Several RMB100,000

(Note: The above rewards are before tax.)

The Competition Organizer will determine the date of holding the awarding ceremony for the Global Design Competition of Intelligent Life to commend the award-winning designs and their teams.